Sony is set to toss some new gear out at IFA 2014 when it kicks off early next month. The new gear that it is teasing for launch at the show includes the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and Xperia Z3. The Z3 Tablet Compact was teased with an image hidden away on the Sony mobile website, but it’s only a single image with the tablet taken from the side showing a thin profile. This is the same tablet that has had specs leak in the past.

You may still be able to see the image, which is in this story above, on the Sony Mobile website right now if you sort by Features > Display and look for “Xperia Z3 Tablet compact.” All we know about that tablet right now is that the screen uses IPS technology and has improved viewing angles.

You can also tell from the image that the tablet is very thin. We expect to hear the full details at IFA next month. The second device teased is the Sony Xperia Z3 and it has its own teaser video. Other than the Xperia Z3, a quick flash of an image at 41secs in the video is hinting that there will be another smartphone to be announced together.


The teaser video offers no details at all about the smartphones or tablet. A date of September 3, 2014 is in the video and it has a tagline that says, “The Time to Demand Great is coming,” and has a hashtag #XperiaDetails included. Like the other tablet, we only have a few days to wait to hear more.

SOURCE: Xperia Blog