Sony‘s latest smartphone may have not launched yet, but it seems that there will be some interesting accessories available when it does. UK retailer Clove has put up product pages for accessories that will give the Xperia Z2 some wireless charging compatibility, for a bit of a price.

Sony has just unveiled its latest flagship last month, and naturally the Xperia Z2 has been grabbing a lot of attention, at least among those in the Xperia world. Several of the features and apps on the newer device have already been extracted and ported for other Xperia users to use and enjoy.

The actual availability of the Xperia Z2 is still a few months away, but Clove wants users to prepare by pre-ordering some of its accessories, particularly this pair of wireless charging accessories. The WCR12 is a wireless charging cover, which comes in a black color. The WCH10, on the other hand, is a wireless charging plate. Although you can, of course, buy them separately, one is sort of useless without the other since the Xperia Z2 doesn’t have built-in support for wireless charging. If both accessories conform to the Qi standard, then owners might have a choice of charging plate to use.

And they might indeed go after something else after they see the price tags on these products. The Sony WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate is priced at 45.83 GBP, or around $76, while the Sony Xperia Z2 WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover fetches a price of 58.32 GBP, roughly $97. Clove hasn’t provided any product photos yet but notes that the first stock for the charging plate will be arriving by April, while the covers will come later in June.

VIA: Xperia Blog