Is it a tablet? A phone? While we really like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the 6.44-inch screen begs some questions. It’s too large to reasonably make a phone call on, which Sony seemed to concede with their tiny Bluetooth handheld accompaniment. It’s almost tablet sized, even though we still think of 7-inches as the tablet cut-off size.

The Xperia Z Ultra may be both, and not even a compromise of the two. An FCC filing lists the device as coming in a WiFi-only format. No cellular connectivity at all this time, just WiFi. Though the device doesn’t have a final name, it’s the bigger Sony device we’ve come to accept as bridging a gap, or in this case, straddling a line.

It also doesn’t seem to deviate from the form factor at all, so those screen protectors or cases you find online should work just fine. It should also ask the same power input as the cellular model, so any power adapters you see should do the trick as well. With VoIP calling coming to Hangouts at some point, it could end up with much the same functionality as the other variant.

This one is noted as working on 2.4GHz and above WiFi connections using the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standard. It’s got NFC and GPS, and that familiar Bluetooth 4.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Depending on cost, this could be the clear favorite when making a tablet purchase, when it becomes available.

VIA: SlashGear