We’ve heard of tablets with 3G or even telephony functions. But how about a smartphone with no telephony? That is exactly what you have here with the new WiFi-only Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

This may be a very strange move, but it makes a bit of sense on some level. The original Xperia Z Ultra has a gorgeous 6.4-inch 1080p display and can be considered one of the largest phablets out there. Conversely, it is now also probably the smallest tablet, less than an inch away from the conventional 7-inch. Given the fact that Sony doesn’t really have an entry in that category, a WiFi only Xperia Z Ultra might actually be the more economical and practical move. They are able to reuse a familiar brand and model, and just hope that buyers don’t get confused between the two.

Other than the lack of phone features, the WiFi only Xperia Z Ultra sports pretty much the same features as its phone-capable older sibling. Aside from high-end components, which you can also find in Sony’s current flagship, you also find the high IP55 and IP58 rating that makes the phablet, or rather tablet, waterproof and dust proof. Now you get to enjoy those features, without looking out of place holding the slab near your ear.

Sony hasn’t yet indicated when or if the Sony Xperia Z Ultra WiFi-only model will arrive in the US or any other market for that matter. Right now, it is available only in Japan with a suggested retail price of 52,000 yen or roughly $498. Also available and sold separately are accessories such as the stylus pen, power cover, and magnetic charging dock.