Some Sony Xperia Z users had been reporting sudden death issues with their handsets over the past few days. While Sony seems to have been quick to acknowledge the issue, they also seem to have been quick on the fix. The issue at hand was dealing with sudden death. Basically, users were reporting that their Xperia Z had suddenly died and would not come back to life.

Sony had said the problem was dealing with battery issues, specifically dealing with a low battery status. But on that note, some users were also reporting it happening with a charged battery. Regardless, it seems Sony has already begin pushing the fix. We have yet to see a timeline as to when all Xperia Z users should have the update.

That said, those sporting an Xperia Z will likely want to keep an eye out for the notifications and update as soon as possible. From what we have seen the update is arriving as build number 10.1.A.1.434. Otherwise, the version of Android remains as 4.1.2 and the kernel number remains as 3.4.0. Sony has yet to offer a specific changelog for this update.

Of course, we aren’t expecting this update to do anything other than fix the sudden death issue. Those already affected can try doing a hard reset. This has been said to work for some and can be done by holding the power button and volume up buttons at the same time. Finally, in addition to the update coming over-the-air, it can also be grabbed using the PC Companion app.

[via Xperia Blog]

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