Sony unveiled the Xperia Z during CES 2013. The company was really pushing the water-resistance of the device during the show and it looks like that trend is being continued. Thankfully though, that is not all that Sony is showing off in regards to the Xperia Z. In fact, the company has been releasing Xperia Z promo videos on their YouTube channel.

The channel has a few vides that have been posted over the past few days. They include a look at (you guessed it) the water-resistance as well as the display and battery life management. There are also two videos that highlight the phone as a whole. That being said, lets kick things off with the water-resistance video (which can be seen below). Many have seen this before, in-fact we touching on this feature in our hands-on video. The key facts, the Xperia Z will be able to handle some rain as well as a drop in water such as a pool, bathtub or toilet. The handset can be submerged in up to 3.3 feet of water and will be ok with up to 30 minutes of submersion time.

The next video shows off the screen technology, which in this case means a handset with a BRAVIA Reality Display which Sony touts as bringing “the best combination of luminance, resolution and color gamut.” More to the point here, Sony believes the display on the Xperia Z will be able to replicate the colors that we have in our memories. The screen technology video can be seen below.

The battery life topic is always hot. Mostly because smartphones never seem to have enough battery life. Sony makes the comparison to some real-world items such as turning the lights off when you leave home and the fridge saving power by having the light off when the door is closed. Basically, Sony has introduced a battery Stamina Mode which will turn off functions you don’t need when the phone is in standby mode. This can be customized based on app, however once you leave standby mode, all functions come back to normal. Sony has said that by using Stamina Mode, you will be able to increase you standby time by up to four times.

[via phoneArena]


  1. Lol 3 feet 30 mins, but you see how fast he grabbed out it of that water…hopefully we get this stateside within in the next month or interested in buying one in they get released sometime soon..


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