Between the Sony Xperia XZ4 and Xperia XA3, we may be anticipating for the XZ4 more as the flagship model. Then again, we welcome any smartphone from Sony. As long as we know Sony stays in the mobile business, we’re good. The company is going to make an official announcement at the Mobile World Congress later this month. The XZ4 is just one product and then this Xperia XA3. Details are scarce but the phone is believed to boast a display with 21:9 aspect ratio.

The CinemaWide display is expected on both the Xperia XA3 and the Xperia XZ4. Live images have surfaced online and as our usual observation, these “live images” are blurry.

You think that at this day and age, anyone would be able to capture more quality images with all the high-res camera phones available. But no, here are photos captured by Mr. Blurrycam. shares the images of the next-gen Xperia X phone. We’ve seen another set of Sony Xperia XA3 images and they somehow match.

The horizontally-positioned dual rear cameras with LED flash are the same. One camera is said to be 23 megapixels so this could mean we can group the Sony phone with other devices that have over 20MP shooters.

Other rumored specs we know are as follows: 5.9-inch screen, 1080 x 2560 pixel resolution, Snapdragon 660 processor, and Android 8.0 Oreo. A Sony XA3 Ultra is also expected and may come with a bigger display at 6.5-inches.

VIA: Sumahoinfo