For folks who live in Canada and are wondering when they will be able to get a hold of any of the Sony Xperia X devices, wonder no more. The OEM has announced that all four of the smartphones in their new line, the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, Xperia XA, and Xperia XA Ultra will be heading to Canada this June and July, through various local carriers, specifically Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, WIND Mobile and Videotron.

The four smartphones in the Xperia X line have already been catching the interest of the market, and so the announcement that in just a few weeks, some of them will already be available will surely excite those who are waiting. While in the US, pre-orders for the Xperia X has already started (with the other three to follow by June 19), Canadian Android lovers would have to wait until at least June 23 to start buying their X device of choice. For now, all of them will only be available through the aforementioned carriers. But they might also come out with unlocked options in the future.

What people are looking forward to with the Xperia X line is their advanced camera features, with the .6 time difference from pressing the button to the actual capture and the SteadyShot tech so you won’t get any shaky blurred pics or video. The Xperia X and Xperia X Performance have Predictive Hybrid Autofocus while the latter has a 23MP main cam and the Quick Launch technology. All four smartphones also have Sony’s smart battery management.

Here are the schedules for the various smartphones in the Xperia X line and when they will be available with the various carriers.


– Xperia X Performance (graphite black and white) – June 23rd
– Xperia XA (graphite black and white) – June 23rd


– Xperia X Performance (graphite black) – Reservations begin: June 23rd, Available: July 14th

Virgin Mobile

– Xperia XA (graphite black and white) – June 23rd

WIND Mobile

– Xperia X (graphite black) – July 14th
– Xperia XA (graphite black) – July 14th
– Xperia XA Ultra (WIND exclusive, graphite black) – July 14th


– Xperia X (graphite black) – June 29th

VIA: Mobile Syrup