If you’ve been looking for a device to help you do a movie night at your house but you don’t have a large screen TV, your other option would be to use a projector. Sony’s Xperia Touch is one such Android-powered projector that you can use, but only if you have a lot of money to spare as it will cost you $1,699.99. Since it runs on Android, you can actually use it as a tablet substitute as well as long as you have a flat surface that you can project on, like a wall or even a table.

The projector is being marketed for viewing multimedia files, making video calls with its 13MP camera, and even browsing and posting on your social networks. There are also games which can actually turn your table into a game board. And of course, since it has a full browser and you can install various Android apps, you can browse like a tablet but with a bigger screen. The Xperia Touch device itself is just 5.6 x 5.3 x 2.7 inches but it can project a 23-inch virtual touch screen and then to an 80-inch projection if you have more people watching.

However, it only has a 1366 x 768 resolution and a brightness of 100 lumens and a contrast of 4,000:1, so you might not expect cinema-level quality for when you’re watching. Plus the battery will only last about an hour of video playback so you need to have a power outlet on hand. The projector can also function as a family hub since it has a presence sensor that can turn on when it detects movement and then show your calendar, messages, and other details.

The Sony Xperia Touch is a short-throw projector with movement tracking and several pieces of hardware, which if you put together all-in-all may be the reason for the steep price tag. But if you have that kind of money lying around and you are in need of such a projector, you can buy it through Amazon and at select T-Mobile and Sony stores in the US.

VIA: SlashGear