The middle child always seems to get the least amount of attention. So it is with Sony’s Xperia P: the high-end Xperia S gets the accolades, the tiny Xperia U gets the “aaaaws”, but the P is stuck somewhere in between. Well we’re not ones to ignore a phone based on its familial issues, and neither is Greek site Digital Life. They’ve got a hold of the as yet unreleased phone and put it through the standard benchmark paces.

As befits a mid-range device, the Xperia P gets solid but not outstanding scores. While it certainly holds its own, it can’t beat out heavy hitters like the Galaxy S II, even though it’s considerably newer. In the ever-popular Quadrant test it scores 2208, AnTuTu gives it a 5325, and it scored 29.2 frames per second in the NenaMark graphics test. While these are alright, they won’t be sitting at the top of any power lists – that’s what the Xperia S is for, after all.

The Xperia P gets a 4-inch “Reality Display” screen, a 1Ghz dual-core processor and an 8 megapixel rear camera. Generally its design follows the other members of the later Xperia family with a squared-off outline and transparent navigation buttons, but the back is made of aluminum. Sadly the phone will launch with Gingerbread and be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich later. Like the smaller Xperia U, the P’s release has been pushed back to later this month for Europe.

[via GSMArena]