Sony is showing off its new smartphone called the Xperia miro that will bring heavy Facebook integration and Android 4.0. The smartphone has a 3.5-inch touchscreen and a five-megapixel rear camera. One of the big features is the custom Xperia with Facebook software that enables easy sharing and liking right in the operating system.

The smartphone also offers a front camera for video calling and chats. The smartphone will support DLNA streaming and promises a big battery, implying long run time. However, Sony doesn’t specify the size of the battery. The smartphone also features Sony’s xLOUD audio technology.

The miro also has an illumination system that alerts you to new messages and other news rather than the traditional glowing LEDs we’re all used to. Sony hasn’t come clean with pricing and availability on the miro just yet. We do know there will be multiple colors, including black, black/pink, white, and white/gold. Judging by the feature set we would expect this to be a mid-range offering.

[via SlashGear]