Sony Xperia owners have long enjoyed a great keyboard experience, and it’s about to get better. Following in the footsteps of Motorola and HTC, Sony has begun breaking their apps from the OS proper, this time bringing their keyboard to the Play Store. Along with a few tweaks, the keyboard can now enjoy the same update process of other apps.


With the split from their OS, Sony has allowed for the keyboard app to track your preference across devices. This helps those with multiple Sony devices who want the same experience (and autocorrect) everywhere they type. There is also added support for the Thai layout.

By making the app an app, Sony can update it easier than with the OS itself. When something like a keyboard is left inside the OS skin, it takes carrier support and an act of God to update. Now, Sony’s software team can improve and update as needed.

The keyboard is out now, but you will need a Sony device for this one. We like Sony’s keyboard for it’s simplicity and responsiveness, but we really wish we could have it across all devices.

Source: Play Store

Via: Android Central