Sony’s Xperia line is still in the business. We said 2016 could be a make-or-break year for the company but looks like it’s all doing fine especially after the new Xperia X phones were introduced. The Xperia Z series may have ended but the new flagship phones are designed with the same premium quality in mind.

The Sony Xperia brand has been around for years but not many people know it also includes some other accessories like this new Xperia Ear–a pair of intelligent earpiece that offers a smart personal assistant. Sony’s Xperia Ear is poised to rival the likes of Alexa, Google Now, and Siri when it comes to delivering relevant data and information on demand.

We’ve heard about the Xperia Ear before but it’s only this week that Sony is rolling out the product in stores. It will be available in most Sony stores around the world as a hi-tech and comfy earpiece that can handle calls and allows listening to and writing SMS.

Sony Xperia Ear can be a helpful companion anywhere you go because it can inform you of the weather condition, directions, or a reminder about your schedule. You can easily tap on your ear and talk to the Xperia Ear for information you want to know.

Item was listed for pre-order starting last week but shipping already and it’s ready now.

SOURCE: Sony Mobile