Sony still owns the Walkman name. No, don’t expect a portable cassette tape player as it is now a wireless headset-cum-MP3 player that connects via Bluetooth. The new WS620 is a waterproof wireless accessory that allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while working out. It is waterproof which means you can use it even when your exercise routine makes you all sweaty.

The Sony WS620 Waterproof Sports Walkman can endure not just perspiration but also extreme outdoor conditions like the ocean or snow. It boasts of an ergonomic and lightweight design so you are free and comfortable enough when using it. This one connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone so you can enjoy that playlist you’ve prepared.

The WS620 Series Walkman from Sony is also dustproof so you can wear it while hiking. It offers ambient sound so you can just relax and chill while doing your favorite workout routine, walking outdoors, enjoying the snow, swimming in the pool, or relaxing by the beach.

Sony WS620 Waterproof Sports Walkman is available in four color options: grayish white, lime yellow, blue, and black. You can be sure that it stays in place even if you’re doing hardcore movements because of the improved fit inside your ears. Prices range between £110 ($141) and £150 ($192) for the different variants.



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