Sony Android Concept

You may be excited about the rumored Sony Lavender (aka Xperia T4 Ultra) but while waiting for it, let’s discuss this new concept software that Sony Mobile is said to be developing for the Xperia line. We’re still not certain what this is all about but it could be a new Android build exclusively for future Xperia models to bring a new and different mobile experience for a Sony Xperia device user.

We’d like to think this new Sony software build will arrive together with the upcoming Android M platform but it could also be just a a new Xperia UI. Sony has not made major changes to the user interface lately so maybe it’s about time the company launches something new.

Sony is looking for several testers of this concept build in Sweden, specifically those owners of the Xperia Z3 Android smartphone. A beta program is believed to have been launched by Sony to test the software and send feedback to the company. Beta program will start this July 27 and end on September 13.

Not much details have been published but this Sony’s Android concept is described as a new initiative for those who are passionate about technology and innovation. Sony is giving select testers in Sweden a chance to use the software build for Xperia Z3 and send feedback to improve the system, experience, or whatever it an do or offer.

Sony Android Concept 2

If you’re interested to test Sony’s Concept for Android in Sweden, sign up on Sony Mobile.

VIA: XPERIA blog, Swedroid