Today is a day of announcements, from netbook/laptop hybrids to 4K Ultra HD TVs to this new Sony Walkman F886 Android music player. Featuring a high-resolution audio system and an Android OS, the Walkman F886 lets users enjoy high-quality music, share it with friends, and even have a bit of fun on the sides.

As part of Sony’s Walkman brand, you can expect to hear of the company’s best audio features. The F886 has support for High-Resolution Audio formats, delivering an audio quality of 192 Khz/24 bit, six times more than CD quality audio. It also sports an S-Master HX digital amplifier for distortion and noise reduction as well as Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology for restoring high-range sound that gets lost in digital compression.It also features Noise Cancellation to block out 98% of ambient noise when using earphones.

But more than just a basic music player, the Walkman F886 is also a smart device powered by Android 4.1. It features NFC and Bluetooth connectivity for easy sharing of music with other NFC-enabled devices. With a 4.0-inch TRILUMINOS display and WiFi connectivity, users can have access to hundreds of games and apps on Google Play Store.

The Sony Walkman F886 has 32 GB of storage and can last for up to 35 hours of MP3 playback or 26 hours of Hi-Res audio. Sony has not yet divulged any pricing or availability information for the device.