You probably have this idea that those who create themes for mobile devices are all skilled in coding and programming. While of course that may be true for most of them, there are some brands that let their users create and customize their themes even without any knowledge of all those codes and zeroes and ones. Sony is one such brand and its contribution to this endeavor is a Theme Creator app, which from the name itself, lets you create themes. The latest update brings a holiday feel to the app.

If you love Christmas or basically just the holidays, you would probably want to create something on your phone that would get you into the season, even while you’re busy at something. Theme Creator lets you do all that, even while you have no coding skills at all, but just some decision-making skills you’d like to practice. But if you’re too busy to create your own digital holiday magic, you might want to download the Xperia Magical Winter Theme. While you still have to make certain decisions, at least some of the holiday aspects are there already.

There are also some improvements in the Theme Creator, particularly in the live wallpaper editor. You will now be able to make the wallpapers you design sharper and you will be able to use more elements and graphics than ever before. And again, you will be able to do all that without coding anything. You can just have some help from the new video tutorials that Sony has made available.

You can download the Theme Creator for free and if you already have it, just update it to the latest version to be able to enjoy the new features.



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