With all the fancy new features and power hardware that inhabit our smartphones and tablets today, battery life has become one of the prickliest thorns in our sides. But worry not because Sony has got you covered with a pair of new portable battery chargers that will give your gadgets that extra juice to keep it going.

First up is the smaller CP-F5, measuring 70.4 mm x 128 mm x 9.4 mm and wrapped in an aluminum casing. It carries a Li-Po battery that has a capacity of 5,000 mAh and an output rate of 1.5A. The CP-F5 can supply energy for up to 2 hours and can reach full charge in just 6 hours. Even after a thousand charges, it will be able to retain 90% of its capacity.

It’s bigger brother, the CP-F10L, offers twice the capacity at 10,000 mAh. But not only does it have twice the capacity, it also features two USB ports, allowing two devices to be charged at the same time, with an output rating of 3.6A or 1.8A for each port. As such, this portable charger sports a slightly larger aluminum case, standing at 70.4 mm x 130.6 mm x 16.5 mm. It will take 1.5 hours for the battery to fully drain and 7-8 hours to be fully recharged.


So far, only the CP-F5 portable charger is available in Sony Centers and electronics stores in India. There is no word yet on global availability of either chargers. The CP-F5 sells for 2,790 Indian rupees, roughly $42, while the CP-F10L is expected to sell for $76.




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