Brands that start offering cloud services sometimes cannot foresee the fact that if users take them up on their offer, then they will have to take up bigger space. We’re not really sure if that’s the reason why Sony will discontinue their PlayMemories Online service, but it’s a safe bet to say that they were not able to anticipate the volume of photos and videos uploaded. And so they have announced that they are already “terminating” the feature from the Xperia Album application and that the service will officially end by March 31, 2017.

If you didn’t know or notice it yet, since August 15, you can no longer upload images and videos to your PlayMemories Online account. And if you’re super late to the party and were only signing up for the service now, well, you can no longer do so. Don’t worry, you will not run out of cloud storage tools that are available for Android (and other) devices.

By September 30 of this year, you no longer be able to access PlayMemories from your album application. If you need to access your content online by then (if you still haven’t backed it up completely) then you would need to update the app to version 7.9 or later.

The more important thing to take note is that you need to download all of the content you uploaded in PlayMemories before March 31, 2017. That is when all content will be deleted. But you still have a few months to do this, and Sony has given you a tool to help you download all of the content you put on the cloud and then store them onto your computer.