In line with the company’s commitment to support the Android Open Source Project for its line of Xperia devices, Sony has provided the source code for its thermal management solution. This gives developers and modders not just the tool to keep devices’ thermal output in check, but also the means to fine tune the manager as well.

When it comes to regular computers, particularly with notebooks, heat dissipation is a major concern for manufacturers, especially chip manufacturers such as Intel and AMD. Whether or not systems-on-chip (SoC) have vastly superior heat dissipation and management, the issue doesn’t seem to be of much concern on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, with device and chip manufacturers casting the spotlight more on speed and power. Still, temperature control is serious business as an inordinate amount of heat contributes to wear and tear.

Thermanager, Sony’s own thermal management solution, has been available since the first release of the official AOSP for Xperia devices. However, it only came in a binary format that did nothing else except keep the device from overheating. Due to popular demand, Sony is now releasing Thermanager as open source in order to give developers the flexibility to also analyze, customize, and improve this component which could hopefully lead to interesting tools and developments on Sony’s devices.

The source code is definitely of no direct use to end users and is meant more for developers and ROM makers. Those who are curious, however, and have a little bit of programming knowledge under their belt can browse the code on Sony’s Thermanager GitHub page.

VIA: XDA Developer