Sony recently announced that they are bringing along a new update for the Tablet S. This new update brings some features that should make users quite happy. The operating system is now Android 4.0.3.

This update features a new mode that Sony calls Small Apps. This allows users to overlay certain applications on top of other ones. Users can overlay a small browser, IR remote, calculator, voice recorder and timer on top of their other apps. Widgets can also be registered and used as small apps.

Users can now set their tablet to Guest Mode, which allows them to share their tablets with friends and family. In Guest Mode, users can grant and restrict access to certain apps, which provides a higher level of control over what friends and family can do with the device. Users can even change the icon layout and wallpapers for different guests.

Sony’s latest update includes a new macro feature for the Remote Control App with six programable macro keys. There are also new media player applications, new social features, widgets, better copy and paste, and a new Watch Now app, which lets users find new things to watch on TV.

[Via Slashgear]