With any triple-A Android phone or tablet, it’s almost a given that root access will be achieved within days of release – or sometimes days before. But every once in a while one slips through the cracks, often a device that’s got enough brand name of a little interest but is priced outside of most people’s budgets. Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet, which only got root last month, is a prime example. Sony’s Tablet S has been available in the US for about five months and longer than that in Japan, but it’s taken this long for the Android mod community to get around to giving it the root treatment. Tablet S owners, you can send your thanks to Dan Rosenberg, who’s done this for a growing number of Android devices.

For the practical side of things, you’ll need a Windows computer and your handy dandy sync cable. Set the Tablet S in USB debugging mode, connect it to your computer, double click the script and you’re golden. With root achieved, there shouldn’t be any issues with getting a custom recovery and eventually custom ROMs loaded on to the tablet, though you might want to wait on that: Sony’s promised an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich soon enough.

Sorry, owners of the split-screen Tablet P, you’re going to have to wait a while for root access. The simple fact is that fewer people have bought the clamshell tablet, which might have something to do with the fact that Sony still isn’t selling it in America. The company made a point of showing it off last month in their CES presentation and booth, but almost a year after the device was announced we’re still twiddling our collective thumbs waiting for it to show up in Sony’s online store. Oh well – that Crytal tablet should be here soon enough.

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[via Android Police]