Sony has been pretty open about their plans for updating to Android 4.4. Just after the launch of the newest version of Android, Sony announced they would be updating a few premier handsets. While not committing to a timeframe like some others, they were at least staking claim to their intent. That’s a big step forward from the Sony we’ve come to know.

In addition to their flagship devices, Sony is preparing to offer KitKat up on many more — or at least open to the idea of it. From their device support pages, we learn that the Xperia SP will be getting the promotion to KitKat. As for the Xperia ZR, T, TX, and V… those are still mired in a bit of mystery. Sony won’t quite commit to a KitKat party for those devices, but they’re talking about it.

While the SP variant of the Xperia lineup notes that Android 4.4 is a “Future Version”, the rest only show KitKat as “Under Investigation”. Usually when something is under investigation, it’s a bad thing. However, we’re liking that Sony is looking into Android 4.4 for those other handsets. We also like that they’re acknowledging it via the support pages.

Sony is traditionally very careful about their plans and intentions, so this is an interesting departure. By being a bit more clear about their intentions, Sony is likely to gain a few more fans. Even if those devices don’t end up getting the update, we can expect to see an explanation as to why that is on the support pages.

VIA: Xperia Blog