There are some executive changes happening within Sony. This includes the ‘Devices’ division using a new operational structure with the aim of improving workflow and quick adaptation to a market that is rapidly changing. The main goal is for the three businesses under Devices to be more sustainable by working more closely together and responding to the changes in the industry.

We don’t know Sony’s growth data and numbers but it seems the company is still doing well. A restructuring doesn’t always mean things are going south. Sony just wants to up its game in the industry.

The three main businesses–semiconductor, storage media, and battery–will follow a new structure now but will still be headed by Sony Corporation’s Executive Deputy President and Corporate Executive Officer Tomoyuki Suzuki. Within the Devices division, the sub-divisions will all work to reinforce the business and offer more solutions for the OEMs.

Sony will launch the Semiconductor Solutions Corporation to boost the image sensor business. Sony will be focusing more on the imaging and camera sensor game, as well as, strive to increase sales and improve numbers. The smaller Research and Development, sales, and business control groups will then be transferred to this Sony Semiconductor Solutions division.

No formal announcement has been made yet but Sony Semiconductor Solutions might get Device Solutions Business Group’s Deputy President Terushi Shimizu to lead the division. Sony LSI Design Inc. and Sony Semiconductor Corporation will now be under Sony Semiconductor Solutions.

Sony’s splitting out the division to create smaller units is a corporate strategy that aims to attribute responsibilities and establish accountabilities. The Sony Semiconductor Solutions will officially start its operations next year on April 1. The group hopes to organize and manage policies, confirm shareholders’ responsibilities, improve the decision-making process, and start being more competitive in the industry.

The Sony Storage Media and Devices Corporation will soon have the storage media business under it. With its manufacturing operations included, this division will target more stable profit generation. Meanwhile, the battery business will still be under Sony Energy Devices Corporation. It will maintain its current business but with the promise of improving business and manufacturing operations. As with the other units, the goal is to generate more profits and expand in the business.