If you’re one of the few people that are enjoying the Sony Smartwatch, we have some good news this afternoon. During the busy event with the Galaxy S 4 yesterday, Sony launched an update for their Smartwatch app bringing new features and tons of new looks to your watch face. The watch is getting better and better and we have all the details.

Probably the biggest change with yesterdays update is Sony added 7 new watch faces so you can personalize your accessory even more to match your style. The image above gives you an idea of what to expect, and it’s looking pretty good. As a reminder, the watch didn’t get updated, the watch controller app on the Google Play Store did.

The new watch faces come in different colors, and they have neat styles too. They added the regular analog, as well as digital and even a large and small abstract-style watch face. Don’t forget to change the color to match your shirt and rock out in style. Along with all the new looks mentioned above, Sony also improved the installation for non-Sony devices and smartphones.

Then as far as features, we have a few new things here too. The battery level information and indicator has been improved, and they added notification previews which is a feature many have been hoping would arrive. Last but not least the update added categories to the app search function. Get it today on the Google Play Store.

[via Google+]


  1. Anyone else’s watch having a problem staying connected to the phone after this update? Sometimes the connected/disconnected notification on the phone doesn’t even show up. Other times the phone will say it is connected but the watch has the red squiggly line saying it is not. And I’m not getting any notifications in either instance.


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