Sony SmartWatch 3 Android Wear

Google really is serious with Android Wear and the smartwatch game. Why, the wearable platform was recently updated and has gotten phone free usage and new hands free gestures. Interaction has become more natural as well because you can now scroll through notifications cards “hands free”. Flicking your wrist inward or outward to go through notifications is now possible. You can also draw on your smartwatch’s face an emoji and watch will translate it to the closest emoji. This then will be used to send to a contact via Hangouts, SMS, or other instant messaging apps support.

Google has also added new features: WiFi support, GPS, and offline. When you leave your phone at home, the smartwatch can still be connected to it as long as it is on a network (WiFi or cellular data). Even if the two devices are not on the same network, you can still show maps, receive notifications, and get data.

We were told the Android Wear update will come to the LG Watch Urbane first and other models will soon follow. As for the Sony Smartwatch 3, this particular model will definitely benefit from the latest Android Wear update. Smartwatch experience is taken to the next level with the recent version of the wearable platform especially the WiFi for Android feature. No need to depend on Bluetooth connectivity because you can use the Sony Smartwatch 3 anywhere as long as you are connected to WiFi. Functions are limited though but you can still read and send messages, see FB likes and tweets, and use some apps.

The Android Wear update also brings a new launcher for opening apps and contacting friends more quickly and easily. Pop up notifications will now be displayed on the Smartwatch 3 even if you’re doing something else on the watch. This means you won’t miss any important notification. And since reading can sometimes be a pain on a small smartwatch screen, the Android Wear brings new adjustable font sizes. This way, you can see bigger text on the screen. Adjusting the font size will show bigger or smaller text depending on your preference.