Sony has rolled out the latest update for the Smartwatch 2. This one is already available from the Google Play Store and will be adding custom watch faces, wallpapers, a calculator and much more. The custom watch face setup is actually an editor that includes a “simple” drag and drop feature to edit those faces directly from the wrist.

The watch face customizations can also be done on a smartphone. Sony mentioned how users will be able to choose the watch face and then add the widgets they want displayed. Widget options include the date and weather as well as calendar, battery indicator and more. Sony also opened this up to 3rd party developers so the support is expected to grow.

The next two items — the wallpapers and calculator, are both as the names would suggest. Users will be able to choose between six different wallpapers and the calculator will be a native app running entirely on the watch.

Sony also improved the Gmail and Facebook apps. Gmail is said to have gotten improved synchronization and Facebook is described as being “more scrollable.” The last items for this update include a Bluetooth connect/disconnect vibration warning and an improved notification drawer that allows you to scroll through calendar events and mark events as ‘read’ directly from your wrist.

You can download the Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2 app from the Google Play Store.




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