Coming one day after the Android Wear news from Google, Sony is expanding the functionality of their own Smartwatch 2. Sony has said they are “launching the world’s first wearable boarding pass.” These passes will be provided by way of Vueling, and arriving in app form with the promise of helping make your trip a “bit more seamless.”

Vueling will present these boarding passes in the form of a 2D barcode for scanning. Of course, while all this sounds good — the real catch will come down to use. We suspect some, if not many, are wondering who, or what Vueling is — a Spanish airline. That bit aside, we should also mention how airline details can also be found on many Android smartphones using Google Now.

That last bit aside, the Vueling app for the Sony Smartwatch 2 will be available by way of the Google Play Store. Sony has said it will be available “from the end of this month.” Further comments from Sony touched on how the Smartwatch 2’s application portfolio is now greater than 300. Those apps are all able to be found in the Play Store, and touch on a wide variety of functionality.

There are calendar and clock apps, as well as apps that change modes on your phone, lights, notes, calculators, voice recorders, and many more. We were a bit disappointed not to see Sony included as a partner for Android Wear yesterday, however the Smartwatch 2 (currently priced around $150 with Amazon) still seems like a solid smartwatch option to consider.



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