The Sony Xperia Z1 maybe Sony’s latest darling, but its Xperia Z Ultra is taking center stage first. The smartphone that puts the “tablet” in has just landed in the UK and Sony is treating the public to a sneak peek at the thinking that went behind the device.

Just as it is incredibly huge, the Xperia Z Ultra is also incredibly thin at just 6.5 mm thick. That’s around the thickness of a pencil. Sony is calling it the world’s slimmest Full HD smartphone, although there might be some that would contest that. Still, let’s leave Sony to revel in that title for now as it shares an infographic detailing the materials and tricks used in making the phone that slim.

According to Sony, the Xperia Z Ultra contains many custom components that needed to be squeezed into a single slab that 6.0 inches just wasn’t enough so they had to fix it at 6.44-inches. They also say that the battery has the largest footprint but is ironically the thinnest. The image also shows other interesting materials used, like the hair-thin copper sheet for heat dispersion or the glass-filled polyamide frame that’s also used in cars as a metal substitute. You can get a full view of the image with the download link below.


The infographic ends on an interesting, if not slightly absurd, note, revealing something that some of you might have already heard. The Xperia Z Ultra’s screen is so responsive that one can use a regular pencil or pen as a stylus, as long as the tip has a diameter greater than 1 mm. Hopefully, the screen is also ink-proof.

Download: Infographic