Sony has already confirmed its plans to bring Android 4.0 to each and every Xperia phone released in 2011, and now its only two entries into the tablet market are getting a similar treatment. The manufacturer confirms that Ice Cream Sandwich will see its way to the 9.4-inch Tablet S and the dual-screen Tablet P. The announcement came via press release today.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication of when the update might be coming. In the press release information is dangled cruelly above the gadget news hounds’ head, with the following language: “Details including timing will be announced in due course.” That’s a rather disappointing stance, since Sony Ericsson nailed down its schedule for Xperia ICS updates earlier this week. The current schedule is for all 2011 Sony phones to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich between March and May of next year.

And speaking of disappointment, there’s still no word on when we might be seeing the dual-screen Tablet P in the United States. The device is still marked as “coming soon” on Sony’s US store, with no indication of when its status might change, despite the fact that it’s been available in the UK for over a month. Sony even extols the SDK that takes advantage of the two 5-inch screens in the clamshell form factor in the press release, with still no news on when it might grace America with its presence.

[via Phandroid]