Sony PartyShare App

Sony definitely knows how to bring life to a party. The company recently launched a new music app that can turn your Xperia phone into a jukebox. This app is ideal for hosting parties as it allows up to a maximum of ten users to broadcast a party, share a music playlist, and stream photos in real-time.

This app is perfect for documenting memories and capturing moments of a particular event. It’s exclusive for Xperia users, allowing them to “join a party”, share a music playlist with friends, and upload photos taken in real time even without Internet connection. All the app needs to connect is NFC—one feature that the Xperia phone currently boasts of.

With Near Field Communication (NFC), Xperia owners can easily share images and join a party by simply touching their devices together. Sharing music includes sharing a playlist where individual users can add their favorite songs to. All new songs added to the playlist can be played on the device of the host. The host then will be able to play the music playlist at high volume on any speaker.

The sharing photos feature will make all uploaded photos of the party visible to everyone at the party. Photos uploaded to the party album are also available for download and can then be shown as a photo slideshow on a big screen for everyone at the party to see. Who needs to upload to Facebook or Instagram when one can share photos by simply touching their phones together?

The app works best via NFC on Xperia phones and Sony devices that also include WiFi Direct-compatible tablets and phones running Android 4.4 or later versions. The ‘Host a party’ feature is exclusive to Xperia owners and being in the same party requires the Sony Play Share app installed on each smartphone.

PartyShare app is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

VIA: Xperia Blog


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