If you’ve recently picked up a new Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphone lately or were lucky enough to receive one for Christmas then we have some good new for you. Sony has kindly started offering a new little package for Xperia owners that will allow users 5 free blockbuster movie downloads and access to their Music Unlimited service for free for 90 days. It’s nothing huge like the 50GB of Box.net service but free stuff is always good right?

This is actually a pretty great added bonus for Xperia owners and I can imagine a few people are happy to hear the news. Sadly there is a small catch and this isn’t available for everyone. This deal or freebie actually only applies to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK and Australia. We could see more added later but for now that is all we get. Hopefully Sony will open this up for all their users.

The image above shows the dates and more information but basically if you purchase or own an Xperia device from November 1st to January 31st 2012 you are eligible for this deal. We aren’t sure if this has been available since the first of November or if Sony is just offering this to a wider audience of buyers. Sony’s Music Unlimited is a great service and getting 90 days free will give many a first hand look at what their missing — although things like Spotify are a great alternative too. Head down to Sony Ericsson to get started if this applies to you and your Xperia.

[via Phandroid]