Today several images have leaked of what could be a new Sony smartphone called the Sony Nexus X. All kinds of rumors have circled regarding Nexus devices, but this is the first we’ve heard of this particular device. The photos of the device lack any Xperia branding, which seems a little bit odd. They were leaked on Picasa, and the device is certainly stylish, even if it might not be legit.

Of course this device could easily be a fake, and the lack of Xperia branding certainly makes us a little skeptical. The device itself looks legitimate, but it could be any Android phone with a person on the Internet calling it a Sony Nexus X. The device does say Google and Sony on the back casing, but that does not necessarily tell us that it’s real.

Unfortunately, the photos are all that was posted, and there are only two photos. The person who posted the photos did not list any specifications for the device, so we are left to wonder what is under the hood. The lack of specs also does not any credence to the leak, as one would think the person who posted it would share some specifications on the device in question.

Any leaks like this need to be greeted with a great deal of skepticism. Could this be a real phone? Sure, Sony may well be working on a Nexus device, and this could be that device, but until we hear something more official, it is hard to necessarily believe this as fact. That being said, this device is on our radar, and we will keep your posted as anything new develops on a possible Sony Nexus phone.

[via Xperia Blog]