We were given an early look at the ‘my Xperia’ mobile security service when Sony rolled it out in beta form back in late-January. As of today however, it looks like the service is now rolling out on a global basis. Basically, it seems as if Sony has removed the beta tag and they will have it available for all 2012/2013 Xperia devices sometime over the “next few weeks.”

Anyway, for those who missed the earlier beta news for the ‘my Xperia’ service — this is essentially a security suite. Sony has it set with features to include remote location and remote wipes for times when locating your handset on a map isn’t enough. The remote location option should work equally well for times when your handset is lost/stolen or simply misplaced in your possession.

Basically, using the ‘my Xperia’ service you will be able to track your handset on a map and also using a sound alert. And for those concerned about their phone being on silent, that sound alert offering will override any current settings on the device. It also wakes the display when activated. The mapping is found in the myxperia.sonymobile.com website, which just so happens to be the place to visit to get things up and running in the beginning.


Otherwise, some of the remaining features include the ability to remotely lock your device in an effort to keep your personal information private. And if that doesn’t appear to be the best option to keep your data safe there is one step further. This setup will also allow for remote data wipes.

Sony ‘my Xperia’ will allow the user to remotely wipe the internal storage as well as the external SD memory card. Finally, users also have the option to send a message to the handset. This message should be a good way to send contact information in an attempt to get your handset returned. Of course, this will likely work better in times when your device is lost as opposed to stolen.

SOURCE: Sony, my Xperia