It is not uncommon for a single person to make use of multiple cloud storage services. However, it can become quite tiresome to have to wade through different apps to get access to them. If that’s the feeling that you get whenever you face these cloud services, then Sony‘s new app might help you out, depending on the services you use.

Sony’s My Cloud app is simple and direct. It focuses on your multimedia content stored in cloud services like Dropbox. These are separated into three categories of Songs, Pictures, and Videos. You can choose how content is further grouped together, either by folder or by metadata such as albums, artists, or timeline. As a bonus, you can even set it to display local media files as well. The app has its own media player and photo viewer, from which you can upload to or download from linked cloud services.

The app does have several limitations. For one, it doesn’t cover the whole gamut of file types supported by online storage, particularly documents. But that could be an intentional design decision. A more glaring limitation is that currently, My Cloud only supports Box, DropBox and Tonido. This sort of defeats the purpose of having all your online content in one convenient spot since it doesn’t really have access to all your online content anyway.

The good thing about this app is that, unlike Sony’s other recent app uploads on Google Play Store, My Cloud is compatible with other Android devices outside Sony’s Xperia line. The app only requires the device to be running Android 4.0 and higher.

Download: My Cloud on Google Play Store
VIA: Xperia Blog