Just like most smartphone manufacturers, Sony has a few leaks somewhere. Details surrounding their latest and greatest smartphones, tablets, and even Lens cameras all seem to leak well ahead of the announcements. Whether these are controlled or not, Sony has just issued some new rules at their HQ aiming to curb and dry up these leaks.

Keeping their new smartphone designs and specs a secret is a hard task, and one they’ve failed miserably at as of late. We knew everything about the Honami, lens camera, and even the Xperia Z Ultra well before they told us. It’s safe to say that faucet is full of holes.

The image above apparently shows one room of many at multiple Sony headquarters where they’re aiming to stop the problem by saying “No More Leakage!” This isn’t aimed at the popular @evleaks account, but more at staff that keeps letting these devices be seen in the wild and photographed next to other devices. We love the leaks Sony, let them continue! Any who, here’s what the paper says.

– Do not use phones without protective covers
– Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile (Unless NDA signed)
– Do not upload any pictures to social networks, public pages, etc.
– Do not user 3rd party benchmarking applications

The paper said CONFIDENTIAL and was at the elevator doors, but just like everything else, this new set of rules was also leaked. Mission=failed. The benchmarks are a big one, but so is showing the phone to individuals outside of the company. We have a feeling these won’t be slowing down, but at least they are trying to solve it.

VIA: PocketDroid