Sony is finally getting into the tablet game with their development of the S1 Playstation Tablet. And it looks to be game centric with Playstation games, Sony music, eBooks and video on demand linked through Qriocity, Sony’s proprietary subscription service in Europe.

The S1 will be Playstation certified and will come with PS One games preloaded. It will be a 9.4 inch screen running a Tegra 2 processor and Android 3 (Honeycomb) as you would expect. But Sony is also tweaking it’s own UI, pulling software hands from the VAIO, Reader, Playstation and Sony Ericsson working groups to create an experience they believe will rival the iPad.

And the design is definitely unique. It’s curved top is supposed to be inspired by an open paperback book turned back on it’s spine. It’ll sport dual front and rear facing cameras, a USB-A port for thumb-drives and media devices a single on/off button. An IR port will also be featured which will enable the S1 to control any Bravia TV.

Price is rumored to be about $599 for the 9.4 inch version with a planned shipping window in the fall.

[via Engadget]


  1. I dunno.. that makes 6 major players having tablets at or around the $500+ mark. The glaring error is to be too optimistic with production considering this is LAPTOP pricing territory.


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