We told you that 2016 would be a break or make year for Sony Mobile but looks like the company is now doing good that it’s now venturing into different programs. The new Xperia X line has yielded a number of impressive smartphones although we don’t know the numbers. We just know business is on a roll as Sony has stopped working on new ones.

And for the smart home game, Sony wants to join the bandwagoin by coming up with the MESH project. We saw the app last year and we were introduced to MESH tags for supported devices. The idea of MESH is to transform everyday objects into smart gadgets.

Ordinary devices can become “smarter” so they can be part of a home network. The project is still young. It’s actually the first product that launched on Hatsuhiko. The latter is a test-marketing platform that brings projects and innovations to the world.

The products are from the Seed Acceleration Program (SAP) that becomes a breeding ground for new ideas, concepts, and products. Inside the program, developers an designers can give the necessary feedback. Simply put, it brings co-creating on a bigger and global scale. This also means more people will be able to give their ideas on your project.

MESH is now available for pre-order, at least, in Europe. With this development, you don’t have to buy new smart gadgets. Just get the MESH and turn those household objects into “connected” devices and link them to your Google Home, WeMo, Amazon Echo, or any other social media account.

The MESH app will be enough for you this time so go on and be creative. Feel free to drag-and-drop within the app and connect those devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. MESH is also available in the US and in Japan.

Europe will start receiving the MESH this coming May so make sure you pre-order for one today.

SOURCE: Sony Mobile