Sony wants to bring solid technical and customer support to their users, and has rolled out some additions to their customer care and after-purchase services. It stems from the company’s stated vision of bringing more personalized support for their Xperia devices.

The service starts from the Xperia support app which is usually pre-installed in every Xperia device. Of course, owners and users would need to register their device with Sony through the app, but after that, the app becomes the first layer of personalized support for the Xperia user. New additions to the app include the “My support” feature which includes, among others, a detailed history of the user’s interaction with Sony tech and customer support, for easy tracking of issues.

There is also a new “repair service” aimed at users being able to directly hand over their devices which are in need of repair directly to Sony. The repair service includes a step-by-step guide to determine whether the device needs repair, all within the Xperia support app. If a device is confirmed to need repair, they will be guided through the process correspondingly.

Of course, all these repairs that will be happening to your device are trackable within the “My support” feature of the app. This new expanded service was first launched by Sony in Sweden and received glowing reports. Major markets in Europe soon followed and now, the services are being rolled out globally, including the United and Asia.

SOURCE: Sony Mobile Blog