Sony recently introduced new additions to its 4K HDR Ultra HD TV lineup. There are too many new models now that their names can be too confusing but what is important is that most of them now have support for Google Assistant. These TVs are now ready for pre-order from Best Buy and and other select dealers. More stores will start selling these new products by next month.

These are premium 4K HDR Ultra HD televisions that offer enhanced color accuracy, High Dynamic Range, impressive contrast and clarity, plus wider range of colors. Sony makes use of TRILUMINOS Display that allows Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR for more natural pictures, wider pallet, dual database processing, and reduced motion artifacts courtesy of Motionflow. The result of all these improvements is always a more realistic picture.

Sony Electronics utilizes the Android TV platform. This means you can run most of your favorite media apps and even some games right on your TV. Google Play lets you access hundreds to thousands of media content from YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Video. Sony also has its own ULTRA app that offers streaming of movies in 4K HDR.There’s also the PlayStation Vue that allows live TV streaming service.

Sony has added the Google Assistant so users can quickly get the latest from the Internet. Add the smart TV to your smart home network and start “talking” with a single press of the mic button. The built-in Google Assistant makes the new Sony TVs smarter than ever.

Here’s a rundown of the new Sony 4K HDR TV Ultra HD models their prices:

• Sony XBR-75X940E, 75″ class (74.5” diagonal) – $7,499.99
• Sony XBR-65X930E, 65” class (64.5-inch diagonal) – ($3,999.99
• Sony XBR-55X930E, 55” class (54.6-inch diagonal) – ($3,299.99
• Sony XBR-75X900E, 75” class (74.5-inch diagonal) – ($5,999.99)
• Sony XBR-65X900E, 65” class (64.5-inch diagonal) – ($3,299.99)
• Sony XBR-55X900E, 55” class (54.6-inch diagona) – ($2,399.99)
• Sony XBR-49X900E, 49” class (48.5-inch diagonal) – ($1,699.99)
• Sony XBR-75X850E, 75” class (74.5-inch diagonal) – ($4,999.99)
• Sony XBR-65X850E, 65” class (64.5-inch diagonal) – ($2,499.99)
• Sony XBR-55X800E, 55” class (54.6-inch diagonal) – ($1,899.99)
• Sony XBR-49X800E, 49” class (48.5-inch diagonal) – ($1,099.99)
• Sony XBR-43X800E, 43” class (42.5-inch diagonal) – ($999.99)