Sony Intelligent Vision Sensor

Sony may not be on top of the smartphone game right now but it is definitely a name to be trusted when it comes to cameras and other sensors. The latest from the company are two models of intelligent vision sensors. These two are the world’s first to be loaded with AI processing. First is the IMX500 Intelligent Vision Sensor that boasts of a stacked design. It comes with a pixel chip and a logic chip that features a memory and DSP.

As described, the Intelligent Vision Sensor can record 4K videos at 60fps. It can analyze any image fast at 3.1 milliseconds. Unlike a conventional image sensor, this one already does high-speed AI processing and ISP processing on the logic chip. The result is a finished process in one frame, as well as, real-time and high-precision tracking of objects while recording.

Processing on the image sensor has many benefits including reduced power consumption, reduced data transmission latency, and lesser privacy concerns. With this development, more companies will be able to come up with AI-equipped cameras that may be used in different industrial equipment and retail industries.

The idea is that privacy is better because image data doesn’t leave the chip—data is just there. No need to send data to the cloud. Another advantage is that the AI models can be configured to whatever function or activity that may be beneficial to the user.

One example provided by Sony: Stores placing the sensor at the door to count the visitors. Another is to check the stock on the shelves. It can also see what areas people frequent.

Interestingly, the Sony IMX500 sensor may probably not be used on smartphones. It can be used though on smart home devices like a smart speaker. There may be more applications since it’s ideal for smart home devices.