Sony may not be that busy when it comes to the mobile business but it is still thriving. The brand has many other businesses so it can still afloat for a long time. There are TVs, home appliances, media systems, compact cameras, DSLRs, gaming consoles, and storage solutions among others. Sony is also in the business of image sensors. The company has several lines of sensors include Exmor, CMOS, and BIONZ. CMOS sensors are those used mainly on smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.

There is no official announcement yet but a video teaser for the Sony IMX686 sensor has surfaced on Weibo. Not much information has been presented but we were reminded about what Sony’s image sensors can deliver.

Sony promises exceptional quality when it comes to emotionally capturing those treasured moments. A lot of OEMs trust Sony that they use the image sensors on their smartphones. The Sony IMX686 sensor is expected to be available on smartphones set to launch in 2020.

Image sensors in smartphones can be better each year. We’re thinking that someday, phones can replace professional cameras in capturing premium quality photos. You see, most of the expensive flagship phones available today are getting more high-end specs.

From 32MP cameras to 64MP, there are smartphones now that have 108MP shooters. They have yet to prove their worth but you know how OEMs are becoming more imaging-centric. Those sensors aren’t from Sony but from a rival but we’re looking forward to what Sony can offer next. Let’s wait and see.