Sony is clearly focused on a better experience for their premium devices, as they’ve announced an update to the already impressive Xperia lineup. The Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra are seeing a firmware update to their Android 4.2 structure, and it’s a good one.

For the Xperia Z Ultra, they’ve re-configured the touch sensitivity. This will allow for a better capacitive recognition, no matter what you’re using on the monster device. Finger, pencil, pen, stylus — it won’t really matter, according to Sony.

The Xperia Z1 will see an improvement to their already impressive 20MP shooter, with Sony saying they’ve “tweaked the camera algorithm for even better all round performance”. The Sony Social Camera Platform has also been re-worked, which Sony says will make their proprietary camera apps run better on the device.

Both devices will see increased display performance, as well as better power consumption. Sony has also revisited the exchange connection, and says it will improve email latency on both devices. Overall, this is a very impressive update, and shows Sony’s prowess in acting quickly when they didn’t necessarily need to.