When Google announced Android Wear they included a list of partners. Based on that list we have a pretty good idea of who we can expect Android Wear devices from. And on the flip side, who will not be releasing anything with Android Wear. While that may be true, we suspect some may hold out hope if a name didn’t initially appear on the partner list.

Well, in this case we are looking towards Sony, who was notably absent from the list during the initial announcement. And it seems they have made it clear — they will not be looking towards Android Wear. Coming by way of CNET, Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile’s US division, mentioned how they would be sticking with their current Smartwatch platform.

Specifically, Nookala said they “already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction.” Simply put, it doesn’t appear as if we will be seeing an Android Wear powered smartwatch from Sony. Perhaps more interesting here will be how the developer crowd reacts.

Sony may not have a ton of buzz surrounding the Smartwatch 2, however the watch does have a decent amount of apps available by way of the Play Store. We’ll have to keep an eye out and see if the developers responsible for these apps begin shifting towards Android Wear, or if things will continue to grow in terms of available Sony Smartwatch 2 apps.

[UPDATE] Sony followed up the interview with a statement saying that the company is continually working with Google in seeking opportunities to expand its wearable technology. Though it doesn’t exactly promise a Sony-branded Android Wear device, it at least keeps that door open while Sony continues to focus on its own SmartWatch 2.