Have you ever found yourself wishing that your portable speaker can also act as a lamp or decorative piece for when you go camping? Sony thinks you actually should have one and they nominate their Glass Sound Speaker to be that one new buy you’d want that is not a smartphone or tablet. However, the price tag is actually equivalent to a high-end mobile device, so unless you really, really want one or you have enough money to spare, then you will probably just want to look at the Sony Glass Sound Speaker from afar.

From the name itself, this portable speaker is actually made of glass, which makes it not really that portable at all if you think about it. It does look more like a lantern, but aside from the top part, the rest of it is really more of a speaker. It has a two-inch woofer to give you a midrange sound and it is located just under the lighting module. It also has a “translucent passive radiator” so it will give your music deeper tones. For a more “realistic” sound, it also has three pillars that vibrate the glass surrounding it.


In case that speaker isn’t enough, you can connect it to other speaker systems like Sonos so that it can give you an even better sound (obviously not while you’re camping or glamping). It supports LDAC Bluetooth wireless transmission, which should give you a better quality sound than the standard Bluetooth. It can last four hours without charging, so it should be enough for a short, outdoor event.


So yes, the price. It costs a staggering $800. Given the glass material and the design and all, do you think that price tag is worth it? And would you want to get one for a picnic or camping or dinner under the stars or whatever it is that you can do outside that would need some music?