Mobile gaming is a big industry on its own – there’s no denying the fact. Sony has been a major player in the console gaming market, and a job listing posted by the new Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios in April hinted at their incline toward mobile gaming in the future. Now, the fact has been further confirmed by the latest developments in Sony’s Corporate Strategy meeting. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan has confirmed that Sony is going to bring official PlayStation franchises to the mobile platform.

Sony has a large catalog of successful game titles waiting to spill to the mobile platform. According to Jim, they have been closely monitoring the ways in which gamers enjoy their content.

They have had success in their early experimentation phase with mobile games and apps. Now Sony aims to go mainstream with millions of gamers waiting eagerly to experience it on their mobile devices.

Already the Japanese multinational giant has first-party IP, ready to make the transition to smartphones. They are developing mobile versions of the AAA games on the PlayStation and we could soon see some of them released in the near future.

This strategy is akin to Nintendo’s strategy to bring its most popular games to the Android and iOS ecosystem. Gamers will be excited by this development – as they always longed for an official version of titles.

Till now, some of the famous PS titles have made it to the phones via emulators or APKs, so the demand is actually high. This development brings another reason for mobile gamers to rejoice – just as mobile gaming is another way to go through the dubious pandemic hit times.