The Sony Xperia Arc is one of the top mobile cameras on the market and the Sony Ericsson Product Blog is talking about the upcoming Arc’s impressive camera and new interface that will be much quicker and result in better shots.

Among other changes, the Arc will feature the Exmor R. This is a new sensor technology that will improve photo quality in low-light conditions.

However, the end-user experience isn’t always about the hardware. Perfect hardware/software integration can really make or break the platform. The Xperia Arc will also sport a new camera user interface. Giving the user a new way to change photo types, and toggle the flash, the new UI is definitely an improvement.

You can check out the video below demoing the new user interface. It’s worth noting that the footage was also taken with an Arc, so be sure to watch in fullscreen and 720p to see just how good the camera will be.


[Via Sony Product Blog]


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