There’s no denying that there’s a significant amount of hype being built up around the upcoming “PlayStation Phone.” While the details about the device are still up in the air, as far as concrete information goes, we can safely say at this point that a few things have been confirmed: like the current mobile Operating System on the device, and the fact that it’s still just as mouth-watering as ever.

While the still-photos of the device may have been enough for some people, we’ve been eagerly waiting to see this thing on video, and now we’ve got our chance. From what we can see, the device seems to be running Android version 2.3, better known as Gingerbread. The report, which corresponds with the video you can watch below, says that the device is smooth in operation, which is a good thing. It also appears that the Android-powered handset will feature a 4-inch touchscreen display, too.

Not surprisingly though, is the fact that it looks like Sony Ericsson has decided against “PlayStation Phone,” and went with something a bit more to their business model: the Z1. Check out the video below to see the device in action. Anyone getting excited to get their hands on this?

[via Engadget]


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