So you might have been here a while ago, right around ten days ago I believe it was, when we learned news of a stopping of updates for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 beyond 2.1, that means no Froyo for you. Sony’s reasoning back then was that they’d believed, or decided, that the current Xperia range was better on Android 2.1 “coupled with Sony Ericsson’s proprietary upgrades and unique hardware.” Turns out that statement lead to a slightly more loaded one that most people missed.

We were sneaking around some articles from over a week ago for some reason or another over on TechRadar and found a bit of reasoning that we believe hasn’t been properly peeked at. A mister Nathan Vautier, UK MD for the UK and Ireland for Sony Ericsson sat down with TechRadar and told them that the reason was that while they’d been able to “uncouple” the Timescape User Interface from the Android operating system on the Xperia Arc, they’d had no such luck on the Xperia X10.

To that we say shucks. Of course they will be sending out more updates to the phone outside the OS, but no yogurt because of UI. That just goes to show you – don’t jam your UI too deep into your handset, because you might never be able to get that frozen yogurt you’ve always wanted.

[Via TechRadar]