Sony Ericsson has confirmed that their XPERIA X10 series, which includes the X10, XPERIA X10 mini and X10 mini pro, will receive an upgrade to Android 2.1. This update won’t happen until Q4 later this year. This update will add HD video recording to the X10 as well as other media-centric tweaks.

This update will also bring with it DLNA wireless home media streaming support. Sony Ericsson’s Timescape and Mediascape apps will also receive a few performance tweaks. There is an OTA scheduled sometime in the near future that will fix a few bugs in the current firmware. These are all welcome changes but just like the release of the X10, it may be too little too late. By Q4 a handful of devices will already be running Android 2.2, hopefully if Froyo does come this or next month the update to the X10’s will be 2.2 instead of the scheduled 2.1.

[via slashgear]